Office of Global Engagement

Information for Faculty - Summer 2025

Now Accepting Global Summer Course Proposals for Summer 2025

Global Summer Programs are a collaboration between the Division of Pre-College and Undergraduate Programs (PCUG) and the Office of Global Engagement (OGE) to support Brown faculty-led Global Summer Programs as part of Summer Session undergraduate course offerings. This integrated approach provides broad administrative, logistical and operational support for faculty-led courses while broadening the Summer Session catalog with global credit-bearing opportunities.

We invite Brown faculty to propose global summer courses that are intentionally designed to achieve globally informed pedagogical or curricular goals, and reflect the following priorities and criteria:

  • Themes, topics and locations that are complementary (and not duplicative) to existing global study away programs (e.g., semester-long study abroad, Brown Semester Internship Programs).
  • Multi-disciplinary programming that will appeal to a broad array of student learning interests enhancing their Brown educational experience. 
  • Opportunities for students who traditionally may have perceived barriers to semester-long study abroad.
  • Well-articulated rationale for the potential impact of the course on department curriculum and/or interdisciplinary learning across the Open Curriculum, including feasibility of timing and other logistics.
  • Credit-Bearing and taught by Brown faculty
  • Offered within the Summer Session Dates: mid-June to early August 2025
  • Inclusive of a Travel Component outside of the 50 U.S. States

Course proposals can combine a variety of instructional modalities, including on-campus and/or online components. For example, a course could begin on campus, travel to a country, and return to Providence or end remotely. Priority will be given to first-time applicants. 

To indicate your interest in proposing a Summer 2025 course please complete the Course Proposal Interest Form below by May 30, 2024.

Summer 2025 Course Proposal Interest Form

More Information

  • Attend Faculty Info Sessions: 
  • May 30, 2024 - Indicate an interest in submitting a course proposal
  • June/July, 2024 - Work on Course details and operational logistics with the OGE team
  • August/September, 2024 - Finalize Course Syllabus and submit a formal course proposal
  • November/December, 2024 - Info Sessions and open the course to Student Applications  
  • Student Application Deadlines: 
    • Feb 1, 2025 - Preferred Deadline  
    • March 1, 2025 - Final Deadline
Overview of Faculty Responsibilities
  • Submit course proposal, including syllabus and itinerary
  • Highlight any prerequisites for the course
  • Develop operational plan and budget in collaboration with the OGE team
  • Ensure travel component aligns with course learning objectives
  • Participate in pre-departure orientations
Overview of OGE Responsibilities
  • Work with the Division of Pre-College and Undergraduate Programs (PCUG) on seeking approval of proposed courses from The College Curriculum Council (CCC)
  • Work with PCUG on student enrollment, as well as tuition and financial aid billing
  • Develop a pre-departure and on-site orientation for participants
  • Provide visa application support, as necessary
  • Conduct due diligence of onsite support services and assist with the process of establishing new contracts and partnerships, as needed 

Information about instructor compensation for Summer Session can be found within this memo from the Office of the Provost.

Course development funds can be requested the first time a course is taught or when there are significant revisions to a course that was previously taught. These funds can help to support instructional needs of the course, for example, books, specialized software or translation of course specific materials. These funds do not support the compensation for TAs, as that is covered elsewhere. Instructors can request course development funds using this budget form.

The budget will be reviewed and approved by the Division for Pre-College and Undergraduate Programs (PCUG) after a course is approved by the College Curriculum Council (CCC). It may be the case that some requested budget items are approved and others are not. Additional information may also be requested. Funds may not be distributed until the course has been approved by the CCC. Questions about course development funds can be directed to


The Global Summer course review process is not conducted on a rolling basis. However, we highly value your initiative and would welcome a conversation to discuss your future course proposal. This will enable us to understand your vision and explore potential avenues for collaboration. Please email to schedule a meeting.

All Brown credit-bearing courses must meet CCC guidelines, including the estimated 180 hours of work. The length of the course should be between four to seven weeks .

Yes, we welcome proposals for co-taught courses among faculty members and/or faculty and graduate students. This memo provides information on compensation for co-teaching during the Summer Session.


Please email us at with any other questions.