Office of Global Engagement

Supporting Displaced Students & Scholars

Brown is committed to ensuring that our campus is both physically and intellectually open and welcoming.

Brown partners with international scholar rescue organizations and local and campus partners to provide displaced students with safe refuge and support scholars under threat to continue their teaching and research.

Since 2010, Brown has welcomed students and scholars to campus, including undergraduate and graduate students, academics, writers, and artists from displaced by global crises and/or whose intellectual work puts them at risk in their home countries.

Displaced Students

Global Brown's dedicated team working to support displaced students includes faculty and staff from various academic departments, Campus Life, Global Brown Center for International Students, The College, The Graduate School, School of Professional Studies, Office of Global Engagement, and other campus support units.

Brown will consider applications from displaced undergraduate and graduate students to transfer to Brown using the traditional admissions pathways and deadlines. Please refer all inquiries to the appropriate admissions group:

Displaced Scholars

Brown partners with international scholar rescue organizations, including Scholars at Risk and New University in Exile, to identify scholars in need of temporary placement opportunities. In addition, Brown faculty who identify appropriate prospects are encouraged to contact Asabe Poloma, Associate Provost for Global Engagement, at 

Once referrals and applications for displaced scholars are received from internal campus partners or external partner organizations, the Advisory Committee on Displaced Scholars reviews and vets all initial applications. The Committee includes faculty members and representatives from the Office of Global Engagement, OISSS, Office of the Provost, and Dean of the Faculty.

The Committee will recommend to the Provost whether to proceed with the applications, and refer applications to the relevant chairs and directors for final review and recommendation. The Dean of the Faculty will also need to approve displaced scholar placements, just as it does all visiting appointments and other academic designations.

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